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We at IceDice are very strict at keeping a hygienic Environment in our Production, Storage and on/off Loading Units.

Our Standard Operating Procedure for Water plant and Ice making machine is as follow:


1. SOP’s For Startup:

    Water Plant

  • Prime Water Tanks are drained out completely before the start up in order to use fresh water.
  • Water Tanks are thoroughly examined by the Production manager and Supervisor.
  • Water Plant is turned on 30 minutes before Ice making process and water is flushed out in initial 30 minutes of startup.
  • Water is drained out from pipes and semi water tanks.

  • Ice Cube Making Machine.

  • Ice machines are totally Sealed from all sides so they are only unlocked when our monthly cleaning is conducted.
  • Ice Bins are cleaned with boiling water and drained out.
  • First batch made is disposed and it is not packed.

  • Unit.

  • Drain is cleared by the sweeper early morning before Start up.
  • Prime Cleaning of unit is conducted before the start up.


2. SOP’s For Shut Down:

    Water Plant

  • All water valves are turned off.
  • Sealing of Water tank cap is ensured.

  • Ice Cube Making Machine.

  • Ice machines are already sealed so water is automatically drained by the machine when shut down command is given.
  • Ice Bins are locked when shutting down the plant.

  • Unit.

  • Total lights are switched off but infrared stays on.
  • Mosquito killer is sprayed in the whole unit for overnight effect as machines are shut down.
  • Every Door is properly locked.
  • Exhaust is turned on 3 hours before the start up to wipe out the spray effect.
  • Cold Storage remains on to maintain the temperature.

    General SOP’s For Month:

  • Machines are unlocked at the end of every month and pipes, motors, Water trays and Ice making trays are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Water tanks are detached and washed.
  • Monthly spray is conducted by PHO for dengue and pesticides (Copy Attached).
  • Whole Unit including cold storage is cleaned by acid.
  • Air Curtains are never switched off.
  • Doors are never opened and plastic curtains are never moved from their position.
  • Packing bags are stored under a controlled and sealed environment.
  • Chlorine is poured in shoes cleaner every day.
  • New Gloves, head mask and mouth masks are replaced every day.
  • It Sanitizer is refilled when finishes.
  • Monthly Cleaning is scheduled on last Sunday of each month when unit is in a complete shutdown state.

These are the SOP’s which we practically follow at each step. If you have any further inquiry or question fell free to contact us as we will be very delighted.

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